About Us

We are a small family run business called Mirror Craft Ltd. Established in 1998, the company was originally set up to manufacture customised etched designs on both mirror and glass surfaces, mainly for hotels, bars and restaurants.

Occasionally we were asked to manufacture smaller personalised gift items, particularly for weddings and anniversaries. Over time we have added to these smaller gift items which have become more and more popular.  Our handmade personalised and regular gifts, for both the home and export markets, now form a large part of our business.

Our thanks to Jeff at www.irishcelticilluminations.com for the designs on the larger celtic glass pieces, like this Coffee table top. 


The inspiration for our Celtic gift range comes from the writings of Irish monks over 1200 years ago, particularly the highly illuminated capitol letters from the Book of Kells. We also incorporate Ogham text an ancient writing style that predates the Book of Kells and can be found carved usually into standing stones at various historical sites around Ireland.

This gift range has proven very popular both with people of Irish heritage or simply with an interest in Irish culture, particularly in the USA and Europe.


We generally allow upto 21 days from order to delivery